Saturday, July 9, 2011

Getting Down and Dirty

And we continue on the adventure!

This week wasn't nearly as action-packed as the last one. We're just getting into the swing of things and really getting into the meat of the archaeological work. I'm working on a couple of units that surround a brick pathway. It's slow going when you have to map every single artifact that you find in situ, but we're getting through it. It's a little rough, however, when you feel like you're melting out in the sun... Wednesday was not a good day for field work, in my opinion. We found an amazing piece of blue transferware that was just laying on the ground next to someone's screen. The people running the dig weren't super happy about that, but at least they have it now. I also found a piece of bottle with some letters embossed on it. No Holy Grail or Excalibur yet, but I'm still working on it.

Tour groups have also started to come through, which is an interesting experience. Tons of people and little kids running around the site. They're generally polite and don't really mess stuff up, but it's not something you think about dealing with. For instance, I had to wait for a good five or ten minutes for someone to move out of the site of my transit, because they were talking to a park ranger. It just slows everything down a bit. I actually gave a small tour to a couple of people that came poking around the site. Generally, if people come up, someone will take them around the site and explain what's going on and what we're looking for, etc. It was a nice older couple in my case. And, ya know, if anyone wanted to come out to the site to check it out, I could totally give you a tour! The low-down and whatnot.

Sorry about the fact that there's still nothing interesting going on. I don't know if there will be for the next couple of weeks... But I'll keep posting! Just 'cause I will.

See you all around!

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